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Michael Pompian, CFA, CAIA, CFP, is the founder and chief investment officer of Sunpointe Investments, an investment advisory firm to entrepreneurs, corporate executives and multi-generational families, based in St. Louis, Missouri. He is the creator of the Pompian Behavioral Model of investor classification, as well as the  author of five books on behavioral finance, including his latest Behavioral Finance and Your Portfolio (Wiley, 2021).

As an experienced advisor, author, and pioneering researcher on the topics of behavioral finance and emotional investing, Michael has lectured on the practical application of behavioral finance world-wide.  Recognized as a global authority, he has authored the CFA Exam Level III course curriculum in Behavioral Finance, has been published in journals such as The Journal of Wealth Management and Journal of Financial Planning, and wrote a monthly column on investing for Morningstar for 12 years. His work currently features in the curricula at Harvard, Duke and Dartmouth.

His books have helped thousands of financial advisors across the globe build better relationships with their clients. His newest work is designed to help individual investors recognize and better manage their investing biases, either independently or with their financial advisors.

Michael Pompian earned his MBA in Finance from Tulane University and a B.S. in Management from the University of New Hampshire. Outside work, Michael loves everything sports related: from watching and coaching youth sports to playing competitive tennis. Along with a family of three teenagers, he has two actively managed poodles and 6 passively managed guitars.

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Behavioral Finance Book

Behavioral Finance Book

Behavioral Finance Book

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